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OUR BEST-SELLING PRODUCT featuring lab-grade borosilicate glass, fairly traded gems, stainless steel lids and a hand-made, sealed GemPod. Holds 16.9 fl.oz. AMEHTYST | ROSE QUARTZ | CLEAR QUARTZ CALMING | BALANCING | RELAXING ViA is the first crystal water bottle with an exchangeable, sealed GemPod. You might have seen bottles with obelisk-shaped stones. ViA is the better option. Many stones are impregnated with artificial resin and some even release toxic substances into your water. With our patented GemPod concept, the crystals NEVER touch the water, while providing all the crystals’ benefits. It’s all about vibrations. They pass glass like warm sunrays pass a window on a Sunday afternoon. Lean back, relax for a moment and take a sip of refreshing WELLNESS crystal water. Experts claim that AMETHYST stimulates the mind and soothes emotions. ROSE QUARTZ fosters tranquility and harmony. CLEAR QUARTZ is for clarity and perception.

Via Crystal Water Bottle | Wellness W Amethyst & Rose Quartz

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