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Connect to the Earth to Improve Your Health, Well-Being, and Energy Discover the secret to better health through grounding. Let nature and Dr. Sinatra be your guide to a happier, healthier life. Nature has historically been the world’s most acclaimed healer, with time-tested references to its ability to repair and renew body, mind, and soul dating to the earliest civilizations. For thousands of years, traditional Indigenous medicine from Mother Earth has been used to promote health and well-being for millions of Native peoples from ancient Asia to the early Americas. Grounding, the simple act of connecting to the always abundant, nourishing energy of the earth’s surface, has been scientifically and medically proven through numerous studies to have significant positive effects on our physiology. Grounding helps to restore energy, heighten endorphins, improve circulation, sleep, and more. It also reduces inflammation—the culprit behind many of today’s rising health problems.

Get Grounded

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