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Welcome to My World: Phor44, A Beacon of Hope, A Sanctuary for the Soul

Updated: Mar 14

Hey friends! It's ya' girl Frances Sunshine here. Welcome to my world, yall. Buckle up for a ride through my quirky journey and the birth of Phor44!

Life's been a rollercoaster, folks. Like my bio says, I've worn the hats of a wife, a mom, and a grandma, navigating through life's twists and turns. But hey, who said it had to be smooth sailing all the time? Like a boss, I turned my struggles into fuel for positivity through prayer and a sprinkle of manifestation magic.

My heart is bursting with good vibes, I set out to create Phor44—a fun fusion of angel numbers, manifesting dreams, and a pinch of sass. It's not just a business, it's a lighthouse in a stormy sea, guiding souls to a land of hope and joy.

My hobbies? You'll learn I'm all about globe-trotting, lending a helping hand, and getting artsy with my creative side. Whether I'm off to new horizons or spreading love through inspirational tees and décor, spreading joy is my jam!

My mission? Simple, yet epic—I'm out to sprinkle positivity like confetti and spread peace like peanut butter Phor44's got goodies galore—from soulful  to jazzy tees—that'll make your heart do a happy dance.

So, dear friends, know this: I come in peace, armed with love and good vibes. And as Phor44 grows, so does our impact—each purchase, each smile, brings us closer to a world brimming with peace and positivity.

This ain't just a story of entrepreneurship—it's a saga of belief, kindness, and the downright stubbornness to shine bright, even in the darkest of times. Let's rock this journey together, shall we? I hope you enjoy the journey!

Frances Sunshine


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